Workplace Help

Managing cost through education

An educational session was held at a forestry site covering topics such dampc-photo-20as common injuries that occur within the industry and the need for prompt first aid to minimize damage and or trauma to the body part affected (e.g. tripping which may cause an ankle injury).

A forestry employee presented to their supervisor with pain from a “twisted ankle” from walking on an uneven surface. An ice pack was applied to the ankle immediately after incident and the Occupational Health Nurse was contacted.

The Occupational Health Nurse arrived at the site within an hour and assessed the employee – the employee had minimal discomfort when weight bearing, minimal swelling and no discolouration.

Alternate work was arranged for the remainder of the shift. The employee would continue to apply the ice pack as per first aid standards. The employee returned for their next shift with minimal discomfort and continued with modified work with two more shifts and then was able to return to regular duties. An accident report was completed by the supervisor.


Due to the training of the workplace by the Occupational Health Nurse and the assessment by the nurse, no WSIB medical aid (visit to the Emergency Room or Health Care Practitioner) was required and a WSIB report was not needed.