Get your Flu Shot

Have you been shot yet?

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. The influenza virus circulates annually in the winter season in Canada. Every year different types of the influenza are active, requiring an annual “flu shot”. The virus is easily caught and easily spread when infected people come in contact with non-immunized people.

Patient Assessments

Is a pre-employment medical assessment worth the cost?

During the pre-employment hearing test it was revealed that the prospective employee was not inserting ear plugs correctly. Reviewing proper use of hearing protection before commencing employment reduced the risk of future noise induced hearing loss claims.

Dirty Job Worker

Managing illness in mining

A mine employee presented to the Occupational Health Nurse with an exacerbation of his symptoms of his previously diagnosed mental illness due to personal crisis.

Workplace Help

Managing cost through education

An educational session was held at a forestry site covering topics such as common injuries that occur within the industry and the need for prompt first aid to minimize damage and or trauma to the body part affected.